Amazon is the most popular online buying destination for millennials. Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent option to begin creating passive revenue without investing a large sum of money upfront. Though establishing an Amazon FBA store needs some initial work, Amazon is “the place” to start earning passive income.

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$2500 to $3000 is a good place to start, and that’s what the majority of FBA sellers do. We know a number of folks that started off with a smaller budget and were successful by staying committed to growing the business.

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There is currently no restriction on the number of listings. You are free to list as many products as you wish to sell.

After you successfully create an Amazon seller account and download the Amazon Seller app, you can get started right away.

Most Amazon sellers take home at least $1,000 per month, while some super-sellers earn a profit of more than $100,000 each month. 50% of Amazon sellers earn $1,000 to $25,000 each month, which translates to $12,000 to $300,000 in annual revenue.

Nearly one-third i.e. 30 percent of Small and medium Amazon sellers have made over $100,000 in lifetime sales.

Any and everything that you give your 100 percent dedication and perseverance to can make you rich, The same is applicable for  Amazon FBA sellers as well. It is a business not a lottery. 

No. There is cost of selling involved on Amazon as well as on all other eCommerce platforms.

That is a very broad question. There are categories that might be saturated. However, entire market is not saturated, we can say it is warm and growing.

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