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Amazon FBA
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Over 50%

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21 to 60 hours / week
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In 2020-21, 55% of FBA sellers simply gave up because they couldn't find profitable products

Worst of all, 33%

of Amazon FBA sellers
don't even know how to:

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Aldrick’s FBA Success Bundles help you build a profitable online business that provides steady income, freedom and peace of mind.

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Less Than 500 Reviews

High-demand, low-competition products with less than 500 reviews

Hands-off Selling

Specialty-crafted keyword-rich titles & rich descriptions for each product

Sellers That Nobody Else Knows

Get a comprehensive list of sellers for each product in the pack

Every customer receives an FBA Success Bundle that contains product information unique to that pack.

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Sure-fire products
between $17-$100 value

Decrease financial risk while increasing your chances to make sales.

Knock out your competition BSR < 100

Fly under the radar, away from the Top 100 sellers.


Maintain high profit margins

Get 75% ROI and a guaranteed profit of 25% or more.

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Products with
$5000+ sales

Monthly sales of $5,000 or more selling products with fewer than 500 reviews and steady consumer demand for 60 days+.


Minimum of one seller in the niche making $100K in sales

With fewer than 900 active reviews and demand for more than 60 days.

Put your products at the top of searches

List of top keywords that help boost your Amazon PPC campaign.

Price your products correctly to outsmart the competition

Top 10 competitor analysis helps you outsmart your competitors by reverse engineering their best strategies.

Source Products with Confidence

With selling price suggestions, estimated monthly profits, estimated product costs.

Buy sensibly

Get contact information and pricing from multiple hand-selected suppliers with approximate buying price and minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Add Sizzle to Your Listings

With keyword-rich, search-optimized titles and bullets, optimized product descriptions and back-end keywords.

Six-figure sales achieved, and the journey continues…

Meet Michael Clark, Successful Amazon FBA Seller







Business Awards and Recognition

Put 20 years of Entrepreneurship to Work for You

Michael Clark’s Journey

40 Under Forty

Worcester Business Journal

Dare to Compare

Aldrick's Product Bundles vs DIY vs Outsourced FBA Services

Product Pack
Do it YourselfOutsource / Done For
You Service Providers
Product researchYes8X4 = 32 HoursMinimum $59
Plus 6 days
Competition ResearchYes4 HoursMinimum $99
Plus 4 days
Keyword researchYes8X4 = 32 Hours
$159 x 4 products, i.e. $636
Plus 10 days
Suppliers researchYes8 Hours$99
Plus 4 days
Listing Content WritingYes8 Hours$649 per product x 4 products
i.e. $2596
Plus 7 Days
Listing optimizationYes2 HoursMinimum $99
Plus 3 days
Backed by a six-month money-back guarantee
At least 86 hours of
additional work + frustration + doubts!
Plus a 15-day minimum
waiting period with no
Time InvestmentFinancial Investment

Profit from Michael Clark's experience today (complete with a money-back guarantee) OR waste your time and money elsewhere –the choice is yours!

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Leverage Michael Clark’s 5+ years of experience as an Amazon FBA seller –he’s on your side!

Buy individual, one-of-a-kind product bundles with proven income potential.

Get exclusive offers with amazing products packed with great value.

Grow with like-minded, success-hungry entrepreneurs via our private community.

Achieve your dreams of building a thriving business without sacrificing precious time with family and friends.

Money-back guarantee

Peace of mind that enables you to accelerate your success!


I bought the profitable product pack, but what if I need assistance in the future? 

We provide 24/7 chat support, email support and call support. Visit our Contact Us page for more details or review the welcome email we sent to your inbox

What is your money-back guarantee?

We offer a six-month money-back guarantee. Please refer to our Refund Policy page for more details.

How can I be sure that your products will provide good returns? Will these products align with my current products?

However, these are the products that buyers are looking for. These products have low competition while providing solid returns. Our goal is to help you expand your business with products in the same categories you’re currently selling in.

If these packs are so amazing, why don’t you sell them yourself?

We already do! That is how we became a six-figure seller. We are growing, but we, too, have a limited capacity. A forever-growing e-Commerce business needs massive investment in time, money, staffing, and more! Due to limited time and resources, we can’t manage and sell all these products ourselves.

However, as an Amazon FBA seller, we have learned a lot in the past five years. If you have the hunger to grow, we would love to share it with you. We are sharing our process, knowledge and experiences with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did! Also, we would like to grow a community of like-minded entrepreneurs! Our goal is to create a community that helps fellow Amazon sellers who may be struggling to build successful online businesses

Moreover, we like to build a community and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, we want to create a community and help our fellow Amazon sellers struggling to find the right product to sell on Amazon. The more, the merrier!

I have just started my Amazon FBA journey. Can you help me?

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to being a thriving Amazon FBA seller, we are right by your side. Make a plan and evaluate it at regular intervals. Keep aligning with your goals.

Do not forget to join our Facebook Group to grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.

We suggest that you reinvest your profits into the business until you earn a steady monthly income.

Take Advantage of Our Six-Month,
100% Money-Back Guarantee

CategoryProfit Margin (%)ROI (%)Total InvestmentTotal Gross
Profit ($)
Bundle Price 
Home & Kitchen10%25%$7250.00$50,000$1997.00BUY
Kitchen & Dining10%25%$7330.00$51,000$1997.00BUY
Office Products
When you purchase Aldrick’s Amazon FBA Product Bundle, you enjoy the benefit of our 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not profit from it within the first six months, we will return your money!

Our profitable, well-researched product packs are exclusive!

We DO NOT offer the same item multiple times.
We only sell each product opportunity to one person. Once it’s sold, the opportunity disappears forever. Limited products available. Buy before they disappear.

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